Distance Healing

Welcome to a transformative journey toward balance and harmony with holistic energy healing.  At The Energy Reset, we specialise in the art of distance healing energy; harnessing the power of universal energy to bring harmony and wellness to your life, no matter where you are.

Are you seeking joy, vitality, and inner peace?  Our distance energy healing sessions offer a gateway to a renewed sense of well-being.  Embrace the convenience and effectiveness of remote healing – say goodbye to limitations and embrace a life filled with positivity and vitality.

Whether you’re navigating physical discomfort, emotional challenges, or seeking spiritual alignment, our tailored sessions cater to your unique needs.  Trust in the power of distance healing to uplift your life and align you with your highest potential.

Take the first step towards a happier, healthier you.  Book a session with The Energy Reset today and embark on a journey towards holistic wellness and blissful transformation.  Start your path to joy and fulfilment with our remote energy healing sessions.

What to expect

After completing your registration and consent form, our first contact is a brief conversation to discuss where you’re at and why you decided to try energy healing.  We will then agree a time for your energy healing session.  At the end of our session, we will then discuss how the healing session went, from your and my perspective.

Remote healing for mind body and soul

You will spend the session in a safe space of peace and comfort while the healing takes place.  Your Chakra’s will be analysed and realigned if necessary.  I like to use crystals in my healing sessions and often intuitively choose a few to either hold or use at the Chakra energy centres.  Energy healing is natural, unobtrusive and magical.

Crystal Healing to align your Chakras