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Energy healing is a none invasive treatment to support and energise body and mind

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Claire - The Energy Reset
Reiki, Energy & Crystal Healer


Hi everyone! I'm Claire, and I'm a Reiki and energy healer based in Kent; it's lovely to have you here!

I started my healing journey when I was in my early 20's. My mother had just started spiritual healing and after telling me how how amazing it was my interest in all things metaphysical exploded!
Since that time, I have gained experience in different healing modalities. I love working with crystals and Reiki, and trained to Reiki Master level back in 2014.

Sound Therapy is also an important part of my treatments and tailor my playlists to my clients needs. It is amazing how certain frequencies can enhance the healing experience in an extraordinary therapeutic way.

People come to me for all sorts of reasons and this type of energy work can help all kinds of ailments, supporting you on all levels of the mind, body and soul.

I love what I do; knowing that I've helped someone is exceptionally rewarding.

If you would like to book a session with me, you can do so below where you will be taken to the appointment calendar.

Reiki, Energy & Crystal Healer


Hi I’m Hayley, I’m an Energy Healer using Reiki, Crystals and sound.

Energy healing is all about the flow of energy around our body. Beautiful life force energy to fuel, replenish and nourish every cell and create a state of wellness. I love and am so intrigued by all forms of energy work.

Everything is energy, we are energy. We just got disconnected from that somewhere along the way. Being so concerned with the physical world, we can forget to look beyond the physical.
Everything is vibrating at a frequency including us. This is not woo woo, this is physics.

Sometimes our internal frequencies are affected by external factors we are not even aware of. Or we may suffer an emotional or physical trauma and cannot maintain a state of wellness. We can feel that physically, spiritually, emotionally or all 3, manifesting as illness or just a feeling of being a little off or out of sorts. That’s when the energy needs a reset.

Reiki, crystals and sound can be used separately or together to create a gentle and loving restorative treatment and bring you back to a state of wellbeing.

I love introducing and guiding you through the process and helping you to reconnect with yourself. The you that resides in the quiet space deep within some place below the mind. This can be done in person or by way of distance healing. In the current climate, I am offering only distance healing.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you would like to discuss or experience a healing session.

Hayley - The Energy Reset


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